Mangsher Chop

If you’re a Bengali, chop, cutlet, peyaji, ‘telebhaja’ (literal translation-fried in oil) are all integral items of street food that you are very much accustomed to. There is no better way to spend the evening (all through the year I might add) than chomping on some delicious ‘telebhaja’ (fried snacks) from the local sweets shops or snack stalls. The ‘telebhaja’ varied depending on the time of the year, the season and the availability as well as the means of what one could afford. There was the humble Aloor Chop (potato but in no means humble in taste), Phulkopir Chop (cauliflower), Echorer Chop (young jackfruit) or Mochar Chop (banana flower) especially during the winter months. All through the year there would be only a couple of shops in the neighborhood who would typically specialize in Dimer Chop (egg), Maacher Chop (fish) or Mangsher Chop (meat). Needless to say, these snack stalls would be wildly popular with queues all through the street corner even before the counter would open and the frying began. Most days the food would run out within minutes of the shop opening. Especially where I grew up in India, there was a particular stall that was very famous for its Dimer Chop, Maacher Chop and Mangsher Chop. It was not cheap even in those days but it used to be my absolute favorite place to go to for all these wonderful delicacies. Also, having just one was never an option! They were small in size so you could easily have 6 or 7 without even realizing! This recipe is an ode to those days and those childhood (and adulthood) memories @sarchakra

PREP TIME: 15 mins

COOK TIME: 30 mins

YIELDS: Makes 12-15


  • Goat meat mince 8 oz
  • Potatoes 2, large, boiled and mashed
  • Green chilies 3, minced
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar 1 tsp
  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • Black pepper powder 1 tsp
  • Onion 1, finely chopped plus for serving
  • Ginger paste 2 tsp
  • Garlic paste 2 tsp
  • Red chili powder 2 tsp
  • Roasted cumin powder 2 tsp
  • Roasted coriander powder 2 tsp
  • Garam masala powder 1 tsp
  • Egg 2
  • Nutmeg a pinch
  • Mustard oil 1 tsp
  • Coriander leaves chopped
  • Raisins a few
  • Breadcrumbs 1 cup
  • Oil for deep frying plus 1 tbsp


  • Marinate the mince with mustard oil, salt, turmeric, roasted cumin powder, roasted coriander powder, red chili powder, garam masala powder, black pepper powder, ginger paste and garlic paste for at least 20 mins.
  • Add 1 tbsp oil to a pan. Add the chopped onion and the minced green chillies. Add the sugar. On a low flame cook the the onions till they caramelize.
  • Add the goat mince and the nutmeg. Cook for a few minutes till the mutton is no longer pink and the mixture turns aromatic. Let all the water cook out and evaporate. Add the raisins and chopped coriander.
  • Cool the mixture. Add the mashed potatoes. Check the seasoning and adjust if necessary.
  • Take equal portions from the filling and make patties.
  • Beat the egg with pinch of salt. Spread the breadcrumbs on a plate.
  • Dip each patty into the egg mixture. Roll in the breadcrumbs. Repeat the process and coat with the breadcrumbs again.
  • Cool the patties in the fridge for 30 mins.
  • Heat oil. Fry the patties in oil in batches till golden. Mangsher Chop is ready to be served.
  • Serve Mangsher Chop with onion slices and red chili sauce.


Shape the Mangsher Chop either into flat round shapes or roll like logs. It is equally tasty whichever way you decide to shape them!

For a more crunchy coating double coat. Dip in the egg mixture and then roll in bread crumbs and then repeat this process again.

One cheat way to make a crunchy coating would be to use Panko breadcrumbs. That way, one coating would suffice.

If you try a recipe, please use the hashtag #sarchakra on INSTAGRAM for a chance to be featured!


Mangsher Chop
Mangsher Chop shaped into logs

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