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My first foray into cooking was in my High School years when cooking was all about trying out fancy exotic recipes from magazines with hard-to-get ingredients. The results sometimes were delightful but more often than not, pretty frustrating. It made me think that cooking doesn’t really have to be complicated. Good food is not necessarily food drowned in butter or floating in oil but more about using day to day ingredients easily available in your pantry to create dishes that impress your guests. Also food is for sustenance, not to give you a visit to the doctor, right?  So with that said, if you want some fun with food and creativity, you have come to the right place.  

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2 Ingredient Healthy Pizza Dough

A healthy option for pizza lovers is this 2 ingredient pizza crust that needs no meal prep whatsoever. Top with whatever toppings you have. Change it up with different kinds of cheese too. This is a great idea of cooking with kids or for dinner night for two @sarchakra PREP TIME: 10 mins COOK TIME:…

White Bean & Parsley Hummus with Tortilla Chips

This vegan White Bean & Parsley Hummus is creamy, delicious and ready pretty quickly especially if you have meal prepped before. Soak the beans a couple of days ago and cook the beans. Refrigerate it until you are ready to make this dish. Once made, this hummus stores really well in the fridge for a…

Brie & Cheese Curds Pizza

This recipe is the first of the Semi homemade series I’m working on in my blog, making simple food with some pre-made store bought sauces/bases/dressings etc. This recipe uses a ready made pizza base to which I added toppings of my choice. When we were in Wisconsin a few days ago, we stopped by and…


I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now but never got round to it. If you follow me on Instagram you know I shared on that platform on a more timely fashion. But I guess this is a nice post to share. Better late than never, so here it is. I was interviewed…


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