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My first foray into cooking was in my High School years when cooking was all about trying out fancy exotic recipes from magazines with hard-to-get ingredients. The results sometimes were delightful but more often than not, pretty frustrating. It made me think that cooking doesn’t really have to be complicated. Good food is not necessarily food drowned in butter or floating in oil but more about using day to day ingredients easily available in your pantry to create dishes that impress your guests. Also food is for sustenance, not to give you a visit to the doctor, right?  So with that said, if you want some fun with food and creativity, you have come to the right place.  

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Vegetable Upma

Vegetable Upma is easy, simple and delicious. You can use a ton of vegetables to make it super healthy too. The best way to get vegetables in this meal is the mixed vegetable I get from the freezer section. I like to serve this with some fresh pomegranate. That crunch and burst is exactly what…

Chinese Potstickers

I absolutely LOVE Chinese dumplings. I’m not sure about the difference between dumplings, potsticker, gyoza etc. All I know is, if a restaurant has it, I will order it. A lot of the times though they taste like the pre-made store bought things that are just cooked and served. There aren’t many places (except the…

Pad See Ew (Thai Stir Fried Noodles)

Pad See Ew in Thai means ‘fried soy sauce’. It is a much sweeter dish with just a hint of sourness. Traditionally it is made with thicker and flatter rice noodles but you can use any rice noodles. I’ve used Pad Thai noodles here which has the same texture @sarchakra PREP TIME: 10 mins COOK…

Light Squash Soup

I’m starting the year with a healthy light soup, slightly thicker than a broth. I still had a couple of squash from the fall of last year that I grew in my backyard so this was a good way to use that. If you follow me on Instagram @sarchakra you know each of our family…


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