Spinach and Avocado Kulcha

One delicious way of eating avocados and spinach is to make kulchas out of them. A Kulcha is a type of mildly leavened flatbread that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is especially popular in Northern India. Traditionally made with whole wheat flour kulcha is a staple in all festivals and special occasions @sarchakra

PREP TIME: 15 mins plus resting

COOK TIME: 20 mins

YIELDS: Makes 14


  • Avocado 1 cut into pieces
  • Spinach 1 cup
  • All purpose flour 3 ½ cups
  • Greek yogurt 4 tbsp
  • Oil 2 tbsp plus
  • Garlic 3-4 gloves, cut into pieces
  • Salt
  • Carom seeds (ajwain) 1 tsp
  • Red chili flakes 2 tsp
  • Green chilies 2
  • Baking soda ½ tsp
  • Baking powder 1 tsp
  • Garlic 6-7 cloves, grated
  • Sesame seeds 4 tbsp
  • Coriander leaf 4 tbsp, torn
  • Ghee for roasting


  • In a blender mix together chopped garlic, spinach, salt, red chili flakes, baking soda, carom seeds, baking powder, green chilies, yogurt and avocado. Add AP flour and make into a smooth dough.
  • Place dough on a floured surface and knead for a few minutes. Dust with some more flour if needed. Do not add any water.
  • Smear the dough with 1 tsp oil. Keep in a large bowl covered with a wet cloth or cling wrap. Rest overnight or at least an hour.
  • When ready to make the kulcha, pummel the dough again. Make small portions of the dough. Take one portion. Press some sesame seeds, coriander leaf and some grated garlic on it. Using your hands press the dough to make a round. Use a dusting of flour to make sure it does not stick to the surface. Repeat the same process for the rest of the kulchas
  • Heat a pan. Dry roast the kulcha on both sides. Brush both sides with 1 tsp of ghee and toast again till it slightly chars. Repeat for all the kulchas. Serve with some pickle and yogurt raita. I used Chole or spicy chick peas


I did not preboil the spinach. I usually store extra spinach bags in the freezer, so I just let the spinach defrost a bit and then mix it all together with the yogurt in the blender.

Spinach, avocado, yogurt and spices
Add AP flour
The dough
Make into small portions
The toppings
Stretch the kulcha and cook both sides
Add ghee and cook again
Spinach and Avocado Kulcha is ready
Spinach and Avocado Kulcha

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