Roast Chicken and Bacon Tortillas

A five minute recipe with some leftover items is a no brainer. I am one of those people who always has some bacon in their fridge. Whenever I buy bacon I cook a big batch. When I have the time I cook it in the oven for 400°F for 20 mins. If I am rushed for time, I cook it on the hob top on a pan 4-5 rashers at a time on a low medium heat till cooked on both sides. I drain them on the kitchen towel, cool and put them in a covered tub and pop it in the fridge. That’s how I can add bacon to fried rice, wraps, sandwiches etc. The store bought cooked bacon bits in my opinion, tastes unappetizing to say the least and if you read the list of ingredients at the back, they don’t look like that’s what you should put in your food anyway 😕

I cook pasta a lot. There are basically 3 kinds of sauces that I use for pasta- marinara, Alfredo and pesto. At any given point of time I also would have had any of those stored in the fridge because when I meal prep I cook in large portions to use some for the recipe I am making and save some for another meal on another day. Today I had some leftover marinara from the pizza I did the other day so I used marinara. You could use store bought marinara too or even tomato ketchup.


PREP TIME: 5 mins

YIELDS: Serves or makes 1-2


  • Tortillas 3
  • Spinach a small handful
  • Roast chicken deli slices 9 (3 for each tortilla)
  • Fried bacon 3 rashers
  • Marinara sauce 2 tbsp
  • Ranch dressing 2 tbsp


  • Top each tortilla with deli roast chicken slices, one bacon rasher, spinach, ranch dressing and marinara sauce. Repeat for each tortilla.
  • Wrap each tortilla tightly, folding the sides and tucking in the filling as you go. Cut into halves. Serve.
Roast Chicken and Bacon tortilla is ready

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