What has just a few ingredients and tastes amazing? Kesari of course. You do need a LOT of sugar for this recipe so if you’re trying to avoid sugar, this recipe is not for you. I haven’t tried this with any sweetener like truvia or stevia. I have to try it one day and report back. Until then the sugar and the ghee is essential! The consistency of Kesari is very different from the Bengali Sujir Halwa which uses less sugar and also uses green cardamom. This recipe is from a friend in Atlanta who used to make such a wicked kesari. I had to ask her for the recipe which she kindly shared with me @sarchakra

PREP TIME: 5 mins

COOK TIME: 20 mins



  • Semolina (coarse rava) 1 cup
  • Sugar 3 cups
  • Water 2 cups
  • Ghee ¼ cup plus 2 tbsp
  • Food color orange, a couple of drops
  • Saffron a few strands
  • Golden raisins a few
  • Cashews a small handful


  • Dry roast the semolina on a low flame for 3-4 mins till it turns aromatic and starts to turn slightly golden.
  • While the semolina is roasting in another pan bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
  • Once the semolina is toasted golden add the boiling water. Stir the mixture vigorously so that no lumps form.
  • Cook the rava well for a few mins. Add the sugar. The mixture will melt and lumps will start to form.
  • Add the food coloring and a few strands of saffron. Keep stirring and take out the lumps with a potato masher.
  • Let the sugar completely melt and the mixture start to thicken.
  • When the kesari starts to come together add the ghee. Cook till the ghee starts to separate and the kesari forms one mass. The mixture will darken as it starts to cook.
  • Turn the heat off.
  • In a small pan heat 1 tbsp ghee. Add cashews and golden raisins. Fry for a minute till they turn golden.
  • Use a brush to grease a pan with the rest of the ghee. In a pan sprinkle the fried raisins and cashews at the bottom. Pour the kesari mixture on top.
  • Invert the pan on a serving plate. Kesari is ready to be served.

If you try a recipe, please use the hashtag #sarchakra on INSTAGRAM for a chance to be featured!



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