Storing Curry Leaves

How do you store curry leaves to maintain its maximum freshness? Here in Minnesota, curry leaves are not always available although I must say it has been more available recently than when we moved here from Atlanta a couple of years ago. Maybe the demand has increased. When I go to the Indian groceries I get a huge bunch of curry leaves. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve kept them in the fridge, stored them in the freezer but nothing works as well as the way I do it these days. This is the way I store my curry leaves.

Remove the curry leaves from the stems. Discard the stems.

Wash the curry leaves very well.

Put them on paper towels and pat them gently to remove any moisture.

Spread the leaves on a few kitchen towels in one layer.

Leave them on the kitchen worktop for a couple of days till it completely dries off. I do not leave it outside because the weather here is not reliable in that sense! From snow to rain to a couple of months of sunshine -that is pretty much Minnesota weather. At least for curry leaves, there is no need for sunshine. Leaving them on the kitchen worktop or a side table works just fine. The texture changes to crispy. Then you know they are ready.

Pour the curry leaves in air tight plastic containers and store them in the pantry.

That’s it. When ever a recipe calls for curry leaves just take a few from the container and use it like you would use it fresh. This stays good for months till you finish. I’ve never had any leaves go bad or discolor this way. Happy cooking!

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