Long Grain and Wild Rice Salad with Haloumi

Minnesota is the land of wild rice. Wild rice is high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is technically an aquatic grass instead of rice. It has a nutty, earthy flavor and is a bit of an acquired taste. Mixing it with a long grain rice makes it a great introduction for fussy eaters. Using fresh herbs makes the dish very flavorful. This healthy salad can be eaten hot or cold and tastes even better the next day as a cold lunch @sarchakra



YIELDS: Makes or serves 3


  • Long grain rice ½ cup 
  • Wild rice ¼ cup 
  • Haloumi 1 package (8.82 oz), cut into small rectangles 
  • Olive oil 3 tbsp 
  • Turmeric 1 tbsp 
  • Fresh parsley 1 cup chopped 
  • Juice of 1 lemon 
  • Salt
  • Garlic 1 tbsp, chopped 
  • Garlic powder 1 tbsp 
  • Black pepper 1 tbsp 
  • Lettuce ½ a head, chopped 
  • Tomato 2, chopped (deseeded)
  • Red onion 1, chopped 
  • Green pepper 1, chopped (deseeded) 


  • Heat 1 tbsp olive oil and pan fry halloumi till golden on both sides. Cool slightly and chop into smaller portions. Keep aside. 
  • Mix together parsley, a little water, salt, garlic and blend in a mixer.
  • Heat 2 & ½ cups of water. Put in 1 tbsp of olive oil, garlic powder, turmeric, parsley mixture and salt. Add washed rice. Cover and cook on a low flame for 35-40 mins till done. Fluff rice and mix in 1 tbsp of olive oil to separate the grains.  
  • Mix together in a bowl: cooked rice, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pepper and haloumi. Add in lemon juice and black pepper. Check seasoning and add salt if necessary. Serve.

NOTES: ¼ cup rice yields to ¾ cup cooked rice. This recipe is for approximately 2 & ½ cups of cooked rice. Increase amount for more people. 

Pan frying the halloumi
Halloumi ready to be cut into small pieces
Parsley rice
Getting the vegetables ready
And done!
Long Grain and Wild Rice Salad with Haloumi 

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