A bit about myself

Hello and welcome. I’m glad you made it here. We are a family of five along with a hyperactive dog named Geezer (check out his shenanigans @geezerboo). With 2 kids of varying ages and very different taste buds, 2 other vegetarians and one liking non vegetarian spicy food, it naturally means I do a lot of cooking on a daily basis. I started instagram a few years ago and am pretty active on it (@sarchakra). I don’t cook just one kind of food. My son loves Italian food, my daughter likes classic American food and I like Indian food, so you will get a good mix of almost everything here. I love exploring and learning about different cultures and cuisines too so once in a while, you’ll find some new things I’ve tried.

Since I started Instagram I find that posting too often is understandably off-putting for readers, so what do I do with the recipes I cook on a daily basis and also the tweaks I make on some tried and tested ones too? Hence this blog. After months of hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge. Also, fair warning, I’m very moderately tech savvy so I thought this would be an interesting experience in that sense too. Since I cook quite a bit, many of my recipes are quick recipes. I don’t believe that good food have to be elaborate. Some undoubtedly are, but there are others that are simple and straightforward and there’s simply nothing wrong with that!

That said, let’s begin this journey. If there’s anything you would like to see here, do drop me a message. So let’s get cooking…

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