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My first foray into cooking was in my High School years when cooking was all about trying out fancy exotic recipes from magazines with hard-to-get ingredients. The results sometimes were delightful but more often than not, pretty frustrating. It made me think that cooking doesn’t really have to be complicated. Good food is not necessarily food drowned in butter or floating in oil but more about using day to day ingredients easily available in your pantry to create dishes that impress your guests. Also food is for sustenance, not to give you a visit to the doctor, right?  So with that said, if you want some fun with food and creativity, you have come to the right place.  

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Chicken Tawook

Chicken Tawook is a healthy, wholesome Lebanese grilled chicken marinated with yogurt, lemon, garlic and spices. The yogurt acts as a meat tenderizer and helps with breaking down the protein and making it succulent @sarchakra PREP TIME: 40 mins COOK TIME: 8 mins YIELDS: 3 Ingredients Chicken boneless, skinless 2 cups Vegetable oil 1 tbsp…

Beet Salad

I love quick salads. I also like salads that are not smothered in dressing. One such dish is this. It is light, healthy and refreshing. You can have it at the beginning of a meal or at the end as a dessert. The key to this dish is its simplicity @sarchakra PREP TIME: 5 mins…

Radish Salad

Baby radish is juicy, crispy and mild. They taste delicious raw or roasted. With its bright pink skin and white flesh they look like art on a plate too. My favorite way of eating radish is raw, as a fresh salad @sarchakra PREP TIME: 10 mins COOK TIME: 0 YIELDS: 3 Ingredients Baby Radish a…

Malpua (Indian Pancakes)

Malpua is an indianized version of pancakes made with flour, semolina and mawa or milk powder. These fried pancakes with a crispy edge and soft center dipped in a sugar syrup is difficult to stop eating once you start @sarchakra PREP TIME: 35 mins COOK TIME: 25 mins YIELDS: Makes 12 Ingredients All purpose flour…


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